'Imad al-Din Rehan

'Imad al-Din Rehan
   Rehan represented an emerging section of Indian Muslim nobles in the Delhi sultanate, some of whom had already come to occupy important positions as early as 1252. In that year, he was one of the officers who collaborated with Kushlu Khan in securing Balban's dismissal from the office of na'ib. In the ensuing reshuffle, Rehan, who at that time was a slave employed in the royal household, became wakil-i dar. Minhaj Siraj, who had lost the post of chief qazi, bitterly denounced Re-han as a baseborn Indian eunuch. After Balban was restored to his old position in 1254, Rehan lost the position of wakil-i dar. A year later (1255), Rehan was appointed muqti' of Bahraich. His subse-quent career is, however, lost in obscurity.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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